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Total Score

4.5/ 5

Price: Core Native Mobile App $99/mo. Additional feature packages $99/mo each. $299/mo for iPad. (Free Mobile Web option)
Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad
Target Audience: Marketing Agencies Music/Radio Celebrities Sports Conferences Restaurants/Hospitality Worship
Customization: Good design options, some at premium price. Custom design (with coding) available.
Free Trial?: 14 Days
Customer Support: Email, Forum, Personalized Training, Support Articles, Videos, Social Media. Premium phone support available.
App Preview: Phone (iPhone/Android)


Strong integration with other platforms. Intuitive interface and many tools to encourage user interaction.


Limited E-commerce options and some features are pricey.
Bottom Line

Mobile Roadie is a clear leader in the DIY mobile app space. The interface is straight-forward, and features are robust. They can meet any challenge an entertainer or celebrity (their target market) can throw at them. The full-featured version is expensive, but most clients could get by with the features offered in their base plan.

by Rob Wilson
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Mobile Roadie is a leading mobile app solution, which can be used without coding. It is currently being used by some big names in entertainment including Madonna & Katie Perry, sports teams such as the Miami Dolphins & Dallas Mavericks, and other well-known names such as Harvard University and Marvel comics to name a few.

We found the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate and use. A few of its most prominent features include a vast number of multi-media integrations and social media options – including rewards, promotion, and marketing tools.

While the platform is very robust on its own, there is the possibility to have custom coding done where needed.

The main (and one of the very few) criticisms Mobile Roadie has received in online comments and to a small degree in our review, is the cost of added features. However, we have found that in addition to offering a free mobile website option, their native core mobile web plan ($99/mo) packs a punch and in most cases can stand on its own without the add-on pro plan packages.

Business Tools – 5 Stars

Lists & Directories

Mobile Roadie has the tools you need to make lists, menus, and directories. The downside is that powering these with a database will require “Pro” functionality which will add $99/month.

  • Database Powered Lists & Directories ($)
  • Admob & iAds
  • Sell App
  • Sell Downloadable Content
  • Coupons including QR Coupons
  • Ecommerce solutions*

[($) indicates extra cost]

Forms & Newsletters

Users can sign-up for your newsletter through a Mobile Roadie app, but currently they don’t offer integrations with other newsletter platforms (like Mailchimp etc). However, they do integrate with Topspin which can manage newsletter accounts as well as offer mobile ecommerce solutions & marketing campaigns for bands and musicians. Of course, in the end, they do offer a an easy way to export a CSV file of subscribers to import to your newsletter platform. Not ideal, but not the end of the world.

Monetization- 4 Stars

Advertising & Monetization
Mobile Roadie integrates with iAds & AdMob, two of the leading mobile ad networks.

Other monetization options include the ability to sell the app, as well as downloadable content.

*In terms of ecommerce options, MobileRoadie stated: “We do not include mobile commerce natively. Any of our apps can link into any shopping cart on a website. We recommend building a mobile optimized commerce solution.”

For those that love Mobile Roadie’s other features, and really want an integrated solution, take heart, they are currently working on some premium ecommerce integrations. Word on the street is that these will become available in the fall. Stay tuned!

Social Media and Community – 5 Stars

  • Push notifications
  • Click to call
  • Video (Many Integration Options!)
  • Live Streaming
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Fan Wall
  • Community Network
  • Badges & Rewards
  • Tell A Friends/Share App
  • Twitter Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Four Square Integration

Mobile Roadie has all of the features you would expect and need for an app to be a hub of activity for entertainers, sports teams, and other marketing entities.

Many multi-media options including live streaming, social media platform integrations, combined with native tools to interact with users, all combine to make a robust social and community experience.

GPS & Events – 4.5 Stars

Keep your fans and customers current on your events through Mobile Roadie’s Event Listings tool. These listings can be integrated the following event listing websites, to keep your calendar current:

  • Artistdata
  • Bandsintown
  • Songkick
  • Plancast
  • TicketMob
  • SonicLiving
  • EventBrite

Geolocation functionality is available through Mobile Roadie for locating destinations (stores, offices, concert venues etc).

Tools & Analytics – 5 Stars

Mobile Roadie incorporates its internal analytics tools. However, there are two levels of analytics…one that is included in the core package, and an advanced analytics package which will provide the following information:

  • Advanced Push: Includes push campaign results, including number of pushes sent and opened.
  • Full User List: A complete report on your users, including email, points earned, and location.
  • Session Time (coming soon!): Tracks how long users spend inside your app.

The cost for the enhanced analytics is $99/mo.

The “basic” analytics is still quite robust, offering the following data points:

  • App Downloads
  • Audio Streams over time
  • Section Views
  • App Comments
  • Popular Sections
  • Video Plays
  • User Comments
  • Unique Hits
  • Top Audio Streams
  • Mailing List Subscribers
  • Downloads by Platform
  • Share Statistics
  • Most Watched Videos
  • Comment Breakdown
  • Music Sales & Conversion rates (where applicable)

Web Platform Integration

Drupal Integration
Joomla Integration
Wordpress Integration

One of the main selling points made by Mobile Roadie is the ability to “update instantly across all platforms”. Mobile Roadie integration with these platforms enables your app to be updated automatically.

Multimedia – 5 Stars

What more can we say….have you got an online video channel or photo stream somewhere? Chances are Mobile Rodie integrates with it! Mobile Roadie is a clear 5 stars in multimedia.

Audio Tools/Integrations:

  • Topspin
  • SoundCloud
  • Radio Streaming
  • Podcast Streaming
  • Audio

Video Integrations/Options:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Ooyala
  • Bright Cove
  • Daily Motion
  • Native Video Gallery
  • Ustream
  • Livetream

Photo Tools

  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Instagram
  • Twitpic
  • Mobypicture
  • Native Photo Galleries

Design Options – 5 Stars

While the reviews on this site emphasize non-coding solutions, one important selling point of various solutions is the ability to, when and if the need exists, have some custom designing/coding done. Mobile Roadie does allow for as much or as little customization as needed by the customer. Some of the non-coded design features are:

  • Slide Transitions
  • Change Fonts & Colors
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Icons & Buttons ($)
  • Complete Customization ($)

About Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is an app creator that allows anyone to create and manage their own iPhone app, Android app, iPad app or mobile website at a reasonable price. It was founded by Brock Batten and Michael Schneider in 2009.

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