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Posted September 10, 2012 by Rob Wilson in Coming Soon

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TheAppBuilder (, the app building market’s rapidly growing revolutionary service, announced today the launch of its new platform which will give everyone the opportunity to connect with their customers, community and friends using a mobile app for absolutely no cost.

Anyone Can Now Launch Their Own Mobile App For Free With TheAppBuilder

  • New – create a mobile app for businesses, organizations, community groups and individuals for Free.
  • Introducing ‘Private Apps’ service – implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile policy in days & share sensitive sales collateral, training material, project plans, events etc. with employees or members via non-public apps.


Everyone Can Afford Their Own App
Gone are the days when you would need to spend at least $10,000 to have an app produced by a developer. TheAppBuilder enables anyone to create their own app and set it live to communicate with customers, community or friends for free. The mobile app market has evolved in a very short period of time, and TheAppBuilder’s announcement is a significant step in revolutionizing the ease of which connections can be made with followers via mobile devices.

James Scott, CEO of JamPot Technologies, the company behind TheAppBuilder comments “We are extremely excited to announce our new service which will enable anyone to create an app with absolute ease, and set it live for use at no cost. This is a huge shift in direction for the app market, making it possible for every business, organization or individual to launch an app, which is particularly important in these increasingly mobile times.

“The cost, time and technical knowledge traditionally required to create and set an app live can be overwhelming, but TheAppBuilder is ripping-up these rules and establishing a new affordable and accessible standard in mobile communication. We are so committed to this vision that we have decided to revolutionize the market and introduce free apps for everyone.”

Effective Internal Communication Using Private Apps
In addition to the launch of its new zero cost platform, TheAppBuilder today announced its Private Apps service. Private apps enable an organization to be able to share sensitive sales collateral, training material, project plans, events and much more, with employees or members via a mobile app within their own private domain.

Multi-national sales divisions, training departments and project planners in many industries such as manufacturing, training and market research have all used TheAppBuilder to build a range of private apps which are downloadable from an intranet or bespoke private app store.

James Scott comments “Private apps are an exciting addition to our service as they have been driven by our client base. We received numerous requests by organizations to deliver a solution which would enable the distribution of private material to staff or members via a mobile device such as an iPad or Smart Phone. The newly launched private apps service will now enable any organization to take advantage of the popular Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile policy to efficiently and effectively communicate with its employees or members.”

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